Some more Education in the World of Ozone. cheaper, more efficient, easier to use and environmentally friendly.






(43) Salt Water Pool vs. Pool Ionizer – YouTube

Depending on your origins as opposed to your neighbors, a “Floridian” might need a bit more heat than uncle Carl from Michigan who loves swimming in your pool any time. Its all a point of preference and personal choice or need. On Average, the standard pool heater or heat pump will take about 18 hours to heat a pool to the desired temp and keep it there. So it comes down to economy. I would suggest you ask any of us here at simple to sensational or our trusted reps at Hayward to find out what might be the best fit for you.




(30) Should I Purchase a Gas Heater or Heat Pump for My Pool? – YouTube

The Debate of which is the ideal cleaning and filtration system for your pool at home. Ozone, Saltwater, or Chlorine Tablet. Below you’ll find a few links to short descriptions and comparisons to let you know about all 3 options.


(30) Salt Pools VS Chlorine Pools – What Does It Really Mean? (Cost, Maintenance, Water Quality) – YouTube



(30) Pool Ionizer vs. Salt Water Pool – YouTube  (Ozone vs Salt water)





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