Pool Equipment

Which filtration method is best for my needs?

There are primarily three types of filtration used in the marketplace today. Diatomaceous Earth (also known as D.E.) Cartridge, and Sand filters. Each filter has their advantages, as well as disadvantages. Here are a few manufacturers that you can review, and decide which filter is best for your needs.

The function of the filtering system is to remove contaminant particles from the water. Each filter is measured in micron efficiency. Performance, capacity, and flow rates vary by the manufacturer.

The smaller the particle size captured, measured in microns, the better for your pool water.

How do I clean my pool?

Maintaining a clean pool on your own can be a daunting task. That’s why a wide variety of automated cleaning systems have been developed to remove the debris from your pool and keep your pool looking clean.

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Which type of heat source is best for you?

That depends on several factors.

Do you have a spa? Do you want to use the pool year round? How much money do you want to spend on heating costs?

If you are heating a spa, the preferred method would be either a gas or propane fired heater. it will increase the water temperature of the spa far more quickly than any other method.

If you are wanting to heat your pool, the preferred method would be a heat pump. The cost of operation is much more economical than either a gas or propane fired heater.

A third method that can be used is solar heating. This type of heating is acheived through a series of panels that the water flows thru. This method is not good for heating a spa. your temperature increase is not as controlable as with the other heating methods.

With gas, propane, and heat pumps, the BTU ratings vary by type of unit, as well as manufacturer.

Swimming Pool Filtration Pumps

The purpose of a swimming pool filtration pump is to pull the water from the pool via skimmers, main drains, or any other plumbing outlets, send it through the filter and other equipment and then back to the pool. The sizing /horsepower of the pump will vary based on several factors. Pumps are available in either single or variable speeds.

In addition to filtration pumps, there are other types of pumps for other functions of a swimming pool such as water features and cleaning systems.

Automatic Control Systems

In some cases an automatic control system may be desired. These units are used to switch valving or activate other features of your swimming pool. Some of these controllers can be automatic as well as programmable.

They can be very simplistic to very elaborate. The right unit for you will depend upon your desires.